Massage treatments are not only intended for relaxation but healing as well.

Results from a massage are as follow:

1. Blood Circulation

  • Increase blood flow
  • Expansions of veins to improve proper blood flow through out the body.
  • Decrease high blood pressure.
  • Increase red blood cells.
  • Increase nutrition in cells.
  • Decrease swellness of muscles.
  • Decrease muscle pain.
  • Increase metabolism.

2. Lymphoid System

Improve performance of lymphoid system to cure muscle swellness. 

3. Muscle Tension

To create muscle relaxation and decrease muscle pain. 

4. Bone Structure

Increase nutrition in the bones such as Nitrogen Sulfur and Phosphorus to improve the health of the bones. 

Massages would improve the performance of bodily functions such as the digestive systems and blood circulation. 

Upper back/ Shoulder/ Neck

Heals pain in the area of Upper back, shoulders and neck, including headache. Whether the pain was cause by injuries or stress.


The origin of foot massage was originated in China and India from 3000 B.C. The process is to apply force on a different pressure points of the foot. This method is use to prevent illness and improve overall health of the body.

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